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KC School'em
133 Todrick Dr
Hot Springs, Ar  71901

Made with the Regular Fisherman in mind.

Plese see "Ordering Instructions" on menu (top left) before visiting store.

Latest Models in the Making

1. Model 5 featuring 5 Swivels with Clips  

2. Model 5T featuring 3 Swivels with Clips
and 2 Hitchhikers.

3. Model 5K featuring "Kwik Change" sleeves. "Kwik Change" allows removal or replacing of any or all swivels. Comes with 5 swivels and 2 Hitchhikers.

NOTE: Production has begun.
5-LB-7CLB and 5T-LB-7CLB are available now with

Special Pricing for Guides, Stores and Pros -- Call or Text 501-282-6998

QuickLink to Store:
Click on "STORE with Product Description and Pricing"
from Top Left Menu
Copy and Paste:  www.kcschoolem.com/store

"HD" Wire Products were developed for the REALLY BIG FISH (over 15 pounds) such as HYBRIDS and STRIPERS

"L" and "M" Wire Products are for the Bass up to 15 Pounds


The STORE has a whole NEW look.

More OPTIONS are Available.

Here is What is NEW for 2018:

1. Added a NEW LOWER Quantity discounts for 2, 5, 10, 20 and 30.
2. Added 12 Models using "L", "LB", "M" and "MB" 0.035 wire and 0.040 wire in both Shinny and Camo Brown.

How to Identify a Model is Listed Below
Model Numbers have 3 Parts and
are separated by a (-)
EX:   (Model) - (Wire) - (Swivel w/clip)
Model: There are 10 different Models.
1, 3, 5, 5T, 5K, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12

Wire: There are 6 wires.
.035 Shinny (L) and .035 Camo Brown (LB)
.040 Shinny (M) and .040 Camo Brown (MB)
.051 Shinny (HD) and .051 Camo Brown(HDB)

Swivel w/clip: There are 4 swivels with clips.
7CL= Size 7 swivel 75# test with Coastlock Clip(Shinny)
7CLB= Size 7 swivel 75# test with Coastlock clip(Black)
5CL= Size 5 swivel 100# test with Coastlock clip(Shinny)
5CLB= Size 5 swivel 100# test with Coastlock clip(Black)


If HELP is needed with purchase
CALL or TEXT 501-282-6998.

Brief Summary of Rigs Available:

Model 1:  5 arms
no blades

Model 3 and 9:  3 arms 3 blades

Model 5, 5T, 5K, 7 and 8:  5 arms and 4 blades

Model 10:  5 arms 8 blades

Model 12: 3 arms 6 blades

All Models are available in
"M" 0.040 wire
AND "HD" 0.051 wire.
Model 5, 7 and 8 are also available in
"L" 0.035 wire.

The Lake Texoma Guides rig of choice is a Model 7-HD-5CL (Texoma).


NOTE:  The "HD" Series was designed for the BIG fish over 15#.




The 11.01# above was caught with a KC School'em rig.

We have been on Ebay since January 2012.  Have sold over 18,000 KC School'em rigs on  eBay, our Website and Direct to Public.

Each rig is hand made one at a time using only hand tools.


The secret to keeping your rigs from breaking is to NOT return them to their original position that they were shipped in. PLEASE use a storage ring or similar device for storage.  Does not matter if it is ours or any other manufacture of rigs.  Some manufactures sell them already bent out in tubes or cylinders but do not even tell you to not fold them in.


All rigs include FREE shipping (usually 2-5 days)
to lower 48 States.
Expedited Shipping is also available

PLUS there is International First Class Available
(Under Expedited Shipping)