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Ordering Instructions

A full product description and prices may be found in the "Store with Product Description and Pricing" found on the menu bar at Top Left.

Once you get to the STORE, then choose your Model.
If you want to see all choices of a Single Model, then choose that Model from the MENU.

After you choose your item and place in "Basket", then you may adjust the quanities or remove items from the Basket.

Example: If you want 3 of an item, then you must choose the item, choose any options you want  and place it in the basket.  After that, go to "View Basket" by clicking on CART at top of page.  Then adjust the quantity to 3.  At bottom of basket click "Update Basket"

If there are any problems then PLEASE send a message via the WARRANTY and CONTACT INFO.

If all else fails, Call or text 501-282-6998 with order.