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I am retired from teaching, but found that the idea of sitting around did not work for me.  Was making umbrella rigs for my own use but the idea of a modified rig which is sometimes referred to as an alabama rig caught my attention. The store prices were astronomical and hence the KC School'em rigs developed for sale in November of 2011.  Early products were from mild steel and in early 2012 we switched to stainless steel.  The later problem was to stop the breakage that almost all manufactures using stainless steel were experiencing.  My wife came up with the PVC ring for storage and the breakage slowed down.  Now we are using a brass collar behind the braze to move the bending point away from the tender spot caused from heating the wire.  The latest development was the changing to a Premium Stainless Steel wire that holds the frame while fishing and reduces breakage even further.  Then the storage problem was solved using flat storage trays.  Our mission is to provide an affordable quaility rig for all fishermen and women.