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    All rigs now have Premium Wire and Crane swivels are STANDARD.  We no longer use the economy barrel swivels on any models.

   We now offer upgrade from the Nickel Steel willowleafs to 4 different Premium Brass willowleafs on all Models.  The WillowLeafs are a SEPARATE Item now and may be ordered exchange for Steel Blades or by themselves.

   If you want a special rig built for your needs, we can usually build it within one business day with little or no extra charge.
Minimum of 10 rigs required.
   All rigs are brazed up front and a recent redesign of nose now includes a collar behind the braze. The collar reduces the possibility of breakage by moving the bending point away from the braze.

All website prices are below RETAIL value.

  Model 1:                             5 arms - No Blades
    Models 3, 9:                       3 arms - 3 Blades
    Models 5, 7, 8:                   5 arms - 4 Blades

    Model 10:                           5 arms - 8 Blades
    Model 12:                           3 arms - 6 Blades

History:  Started umbrella rigs in Fall 2011 with what I called Models I and II (same style as Model 1 and 2) with steel wire with a coating.  Then in January of 2012 I switched to a .045 Stainless steel wire and added a Model III.  Breakage was a problem and I worked on it and in the Fall of 2012 I modified all rigs to prevent breakage.   Added 3 more styles with Models IV, V and VI in the Winter.   In the Spring of 2013 I added the Models VII and VIII.        Was still not happy with the breakage that was happening occasionally so I added a COLLAR to all the models ("C" Series Rigs) and the breakage almost stopped.  Still not happy with the durability of the rigs.   I found wire that was 3 times more expensive but was Durable.  That series is now the .045 "H" and the .051 "HD" rigs. 
        In the fall of 2016 I replaced the .045 "H" wire with the .040 "M" wire and added a .035 "L" wire rigs.
        In the Spring of 2017 I also added "CAMO BROWN" wire for the current sizes of .035, .040 and .051

In May of 2014 I changed the model numbers of rigs from Roman Numerals to the Numeric numbers with the addition of Crane Swivels w/Interlock Clips as standard on all Models

** See "STORE with Product Description and Pricing" for Current Descriptions and PRICING for ALL Models.

Willowleaf upgrade to Premium Brass Willowleafs  (4 to choose from).       ALL are Made in the USA.

Premium Nickel Willowleafs: Polished Nickel, Hammered Nickel, Polished Brass or Hammered Brass upgrade from Nickel Steel Blade. The price is an exchange price for the standard blade and Premium Blades will be exchanged before shipping.  Blades are available for ALL Bladed Models.
May be Ordered in packages of 10 by themselves NOW.


Pictured above are the swivels we have upgraded to.  Made in the USA by Rosco®.   These swivels are MUCH better quality and hold up to the rigorous fights that fish can make.
From Top to bottom:

15#  12 is labeled 12CR
 20# 10 is labeled 10CR
 50# 5 is labeled 5CR
 75# 7 is labeled 7CL
100#  5 Crane Swivels are labeled 5CL.
100#  3 Crane Swivels are no longer used. See Note Below.
(Turns out the only difference between the two 100# swivels is a slight difference in the size of the eye, which is not visible.  Same exact clip and same specifications.)