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We make over 70 models with different configurations.  to ease the confusion please see “how to choose a model”.  For trollers we recommend the .051 brown wire (HDB) rigs.  There will be an “HDB” in middle of model number.  


Be sure to checkout “what is new” and visit our “online store”    

       NEW MODEL LIST EFFECTIVE 7/1/2020 For 2021 Models

ALL Listings will be added To the online store and Ebay.

Also all Blades are Plated Brass Blades.  GOLD AND NICKEL COLORS

                     2021 List is Underway with New models being added.                   The store site will be updated to include almost 30 more models with duo lock swivels as an option to size 7 coastlock swivels.  They will be exactly like their sister models with coastlock clips.  Also 2 hybrid fish rigs with duo lock swivels using .045 wire.   WILL UPDATE WHEN POSTED.